Sunday, September 28, 2014

He Asked and I Said "YES"

As most know, Emil & I have been on this.... let's call it "journey of love" for nearly 7 years now. Yesterday I thought all the spoiling was in celebration of my 26th birthday but Emil definitely had a hidden agenda.
I woke up ridiculously early to meet up with my best friend (also Emil's best friend's fiancé), Rebecca. We did a little shopping and then she treated me to an afternoon at the salon, getting a mani/pedi and my hair done. Then she took me to lunch. All the while Emil and his best friend Mauricio were at the barber shop and at Costco (or so I believed).
Around 4:30, Rebecca dropped me off at my apartment and when I walked into my room there was a beautiful little black dress, a brand new pair of heels, and a clutch laid out on my bed. My mom was there and said "You have to be ready by 5:30, Emil will be here to pick you up". I hurriedly washed up, did my makeup, and got dressed. Might I add, the dress fit PERFECT. I walked down stairs to see Emil waiting and looking so handsome.
I smiled, said hello, gave him a quick kiss before he told me to get into the car, that we had a reservation at a restaurant. This still being not that big of a surprise as it is often that he takes me out to some of the best restaurants in Miami when special days or holidays come around. Driving south on 95 heading to South Beach, we talked, he gave me 3 Alex & Ani bangles (one with his initial and the other two with the initial of our sons) and I took selfies. I was having a wonderful day.
We pulled up to Il Mulino and he got out the car, opened my door and asked me to let the hostess know that we were here for our 7 PM reservation. As I did this, he was parking the car or so I thought he was. The manager sat me and he joined a few seconds later. After we finished the majority of our meal, Emil mentioned he had to use the restroom, which I thought was the cover up for telling our waiter to get the entire restaurant to sing Happy Birthday. Sure enough as he sat back down, all the staff lined up to sing Happy Birthday. Mid way through the song, that I surely know all the words to, they stopped, I looked at Emil extremely confused, he was smiling. Then I heard a familiar voice begin to sing. I turned to see our friend Armando (of Rescue Kid) just as he began to sing Ellie Goulding's "How Long Will I Love You" and our other friend Codis (of Codis Inc. Photography) followed behind him filming with his equipment.
[[Lyrics sang: How long will I love you, As long as stars are above you and longer if I can, how long will I need you, as long as the seasons need to follow their plan. How long will I be with you, as long as the sea is bound to wash upon the sand.]]
As Armando sang and I'm in awe (the man has a beautiful voice), I notice the Manager of the restaurant hand Emil something as he gets up to walk over in front of me. That's when I realized it all. Emil starts to say "The question's not how long I will love you, (he gets down on one knee) The question is will you let me love you forever?"
I lost it, started crying, said yes and wrapped my arms around him.

Turns out this production had been in the works for over a month and anyone and everyone had a play in it. His boss, the guys over at MPH club, our best friends, my mother, Armando, Codis. Everyone. We continued the night and met up with my friend Sabryna along with Mauricio & Rebecca at my favorite Ice Cream Palour, Emack & Bolio's where they surprised me, had ice cream and went out on the town.

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