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Mustaches & Chalkboard || Teal & Yellow Baby Shower || DIY on a Budget!

Now a days everything is about your budget, what you can and are willing to spend. I always look to DIY projects as a huge way to save money. My latest project is the baby shower for my soon to be second born. I wanted to make it great without spending a ton of money that I'd rather save for his arrival.

I have to say that the most difficult part was choosing a theme that I knew I could keep the outcome within my price range. I loved the soft teal and yellow vintage theme, my husband loved the chalkboard darker mustache theme. So I put them together and so far it's coming out great.

I started putting a few of my ideas down on paper which helped some what. I actually attempted to sketch a few.

There's a reason for my last freakishly horrible colored cake picture. My aunt is an amazing cake maker here in South Florida (@Passion4Cake on instagram or Passion 4 Cake on Facebook) and I had to send her a text of exactly what I wanted including colors. So that was my quick way of showing her. She's helping me save about $145 by making the cake for me.

I am (not tooting my own horn) pretty darn creative and have access to a great array of programs between my husband who is a photographer and myself who dabbled in graphic design in high school. Though my hubby makes fun of me (he uses CS and all the Apple programs that apparently normal people use), I am very good with Corel Paint Shop Pro and was able to design the invites, registry cards, and diaper raffle tickets.

These were very time consuming I must admit. I designed them from beginning to end with ease but struggled when it was time to print them. I wanted to do it on blank invitations, but after several trials and switching the printing settings I could not get the chalkboard affect to show, the paper just soaked up the ink and made it look black. I had to settle for gloss photo paper. I simply printed on 4" x 6" photos for the full invite and then printed several cards on one and cut them. Though it wasn't completely what I wanted, I am completely satisfied with the outcome, it cost me solely the price of the ink, since Office Max always sells the pack of ink with a pack of 4" x 6" photo paper for free. 

My biggest "project" is the centerpieces, as I am making 12 of them. These seem easy but collectively was difficult and time consuming. I first drew them out as you've seen above. Then I went to my aunt's house who owns a Cricut machine (3 of them to be exact) and created the cut-outs. Luckily one day while on my many trips to Target I found a pack of three mini chalkboard signs for $3 in their Dollar Section. I snatched up 4 packs and practically RAN to the registers. I also found a chalkboard marker in the same section for $1. The sticks for the cut outs are regular shishkabob sticks from the grocery store and the sticks holding up the chalkboards are dowels from the Wal-Mart baking section that I attached with hot glue. Living in Miami has a lot of perks, there are a lot of party warehouses and wholesale places in our design district and fashion district. I visited a few in Doral and purchased a case of the vases for about $30 and the shredded paper is from Amazon; 1/2lb for $9. The sticks are being held in place with a cube of styrofoam that is inside the vase.

 Not sure what brought me to drive out to the local Ikea on Christmas Eve, but I did and left with a few very helpful things for the shower. I purchased packs of napkins in teal and yellow (that happen to match EXACTLY) those cost $.99 for a pack of 50. I also purchased an easel for $14.99 that I'm going to use for the walk-up to the pavilion. Also in the market place I found teal tags to attach to the shower games gifts, those were $1.50 at Ikea as well. I bought table cloths for the picnic tables in both teal and yellow from Wal-Mart for $.97 a piece.

I scored these mini chalkboard easels in the dollar section at Target for $3 a piece (I picked up 8), along with a few fine tipped permanent chalk markers by American Craft for $1 each. I honestly had no idea what I was going to use the chalkboards for but then I came up with signs for the candy bar and the photo area.

The weekend before the shower I stopped at home depot and picked up the supplies for the photo backdrop and it came out perfect, here are some pictures of the product and if you scroll down to the party pictures, you'll see a few shots of our friends and family who used it! I've also included the diagram I found on google for making the back drop. (my backdrop was based on a width of 58 inches. I used fabric from ikea that measures 59 inches in depth.)

The day before I drove up to Passion 4 Cake and picked up the cake and FELL IN LOVE! She created exactly what I wanted and it fed nearly 60 people!

The prizes for the shower games were a bit more difficult considering I had to include prizes for both men and women. I went with the slogan "From Our Shower to Yours" and for the women in a large mason jar I placed a loofah(.50 cents from the Target dollar section), at the bottom & three travel size Bath & Body Works items (travel spray, shower gel, & lotion), saved a lot on the travel sets by purchasing them during their Semi-Annual Sale ($12 for 3) and Black Friday (Buy 3, Get 3 Free) and paired it with a $10 off $30 coupon. For the men I purchased a premium shave cream from Bath & Body Works ($5 each), A full size shower gel ($3 & buy 2 get 1 free), and a mens scented hand Ocean hand sanitizer ($2 each), put a yellow rag (pack of 12 from target for $3.50) in a chalkboard small pail ($1 from Target Dollar Section) and placed the items on top and added the slogan!

Here are some of the pics from the actual day of the shower. It came out great and everyone (both men & women) enjoyed the celebration!

Chalk markers used on board were $11 from Hobby lobby for a pack for 4, I used a 40% off coupon and got them for $6.

Lemonade recipe is simply lemonade mix made with soda water & food coloring to make it teal!
Paper straws were from Amazon for about $5.
Glass bottles holding lemonade are from Ikea, those were $3 a piece!
Plastic containers holding the Lemonade bottles were purchased from Hobby Lobby for $2.50 (sale price -- 50% off all Summer items)
Colored cups from Party City $9 for 100 (BOGO) 

We made the cupcakes at home! and that cost us about $3, we only made 20 to add variety to the Candy Station. Big hint on saving money for the Candy Station: If you're shower is right after a holiday, buy the candy during the after holiday sale. For those hosting a shower right after Easter, your color options are all different pastels. Also go to the dollar store first before you spend $80 on color coordinated candy at Party City. I bought the peeps for $1 a pack! If you do find yourself giving in at Party City, pull up the coupons on your phone! There's always coupons available!

Sadly I didn't get an upclose picture of the diaper raffle prize but I definitely meant too! The gift box with the chalkboard tag came from Target for $3 (on sale). Inside I placed 2 lotions & 2 Sprays from Bath & Body Works (purchased during the semi-annual sale so I paid $6 for the 4 items). A few months back I won a contest with Birchbox and received over $200 worth of Benefit Make-up and I included about $70 worth of Benefit Make up as well (Mascara, Push Up Liner, Gimme Brows, and Bronzer) along with some samples of their Pore Refiner & Lip Stain. I also included 4 EOS Lip Balms and the EOS Lotion, and a Urban Outfitters Clutch, that I purchased and NEVER used, it still has it's tag!


I included little containers on the tables filled with fake mustaches that had adhesive and people had a blast using them! The mustaches were $1 for a pack of 8 (Target Dollar Section during Halloween & Valentines) and the containers were on sale at hobby lobby for .50 cents!

My aunts supplied the food, trays of wings from Hooters & 12 Pizzas from the local Pizza Shop, Primo's. Hint go to the pizza shop with their coupons, ask them if they can give you all pizzas for their coupon price. Most places, if you're ordering over 10 pizzas will agree to it! This was a great choice for us considering it was a co-ed shower.

We Played the baby bottle chug game (beer in bottle) one squeezes while one chugs! The reason for doing it this way is because it's easier for one person to dismantle the nipple on their own than when a different person is holding it for them.

My husband created a "Dirty Diaper Toss" I filled paper bins (from target dollar section) with 5 "Dirty Diapers" all weighing a different weight. Some had yellow water, some had playdough & baby food, some had both. I did NOT roll up the diapers. I left them just folded without the velcros holding them closed. I chose 4 couples who DO NOT have children to play. One was to sit in chair and fold up the diaper the best they could (mommies with experience know how to tightly wrap up the diaper) and their partner was to make it into the bin (trash cans from targets dollar section). They were able to trade places if either task was to difficult mid game. I had four people stand at the bins and toss back whichever diapers didn't make it, so the player could shoot again. The first team to get all 5 in won! THE MEN LOVED THIS GAME and so did the spectators!


We also played the blind folded baby food game. 6 couples were selected, one sat in a chair, the other stood. The one standing was the feeder who was blind folded, the one sitting was the one who had to eat the food. We gave an adult bib to the person eating and they went to town! This was also a LOT of fun.


  1. That’s a good way of planning everything. I can share this post with my cousin because she is going to have a baby and she wanted me to share all my plans with her. I have booked a nice venue NYC for her baby shower. I hope she likes this plan.


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