Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Babies R' Us Registry

ATTENTION mommies to be! When I was trying to decide on my registry I was stuck between BuyBuy Baby, Target, & Babies R Us. I eventually signed up with Babies R Us because it has a ton more items than Target and has more locations than BuyBuy Baby.
Little did I know I was signing up for the BEST rewards program EVER. I've had an R' Us Rewards card for a little over 4 years (since my pregnancy with my first son) and really never used it. When I started my registry and clicked my little heart away while walking around Babies R Us I picked up a pack of Boogie Wipes and went to pay for it. The cashier asked for my Rewards phone number and for my registry information. After giving it to her she said "In the notes section of your registry put in capital letters REWARD CARD # and type in the number for yours". So I did it but had no clue what it was going to do for me.
When I got home I looked through the packet of information given to me by the ladies at the registry desk at the store and read that I was automatically enrolled in their Endless Earnings program where you get a percentage back of every purchase (NO LIMIT ON THE AMOUNT YOU CAN RECEIVE) made through your registry in a form of a gift card that's emailed to you 10 weeks after your expected due date. After reading that I decided to go back and add things to my registry.
I went in and added multiple quantities of diapers in all sizes and in all price ranges, I add things I thought ANYONE would be interested in buying. I included things of all different price ranges so that everyone could purchase a gift without breaking the bank. I added towels and extra bases, a bassinet, bouncer, swing, mamaroo, slings, diaper clutches, diaper bags, clothes, EVERYTHING that I hadn't added in the first place because I told myself I was only going to add what I used and needed for my first so that I didn't have a house full of stuff that I never had time to use (they grow too fast)!
Anything that is on your registry can be returned without a receipt and you will be given a store credit for the full price. So if you receive doubles you have a way to return it without any worries (or cough: if they bought you something NOT on your registry but you want to return it, add it on after the fact and return it then :cough - you didn't hear it from me).
A few weeks after my shower, I was able to return the Baby Bullet that I received 3 of, the boppys that I got 4 of, and a bunch of other duplicates including the crib set my father in law bought TWICE not realizing it, out of excitement. After that, I got an email stating my Rewards were going to expire. I was immediately thought "what in the world?" and opened the email. I had been deleting all Babies R Us emails thinking they were the usual ads. After skimming the email I logged into my rewards account to find that I had nearly 16,000 rewards points to redeem into vouchers! I was able to redeem all the points for $180 worth of vouchers! No purchases were necessary! They were just like a gift card! Then I though is this the Endless Earnings?
NO IT'S NOT! 10 weeks after my original due date I received a Babies R Us gift card from the Endless Earnings Program in my email for $321.
Turns out, every time someone purchased something from my registry the cashiers would automatically use my rewards number because it was in the notes section of the registry that my friends/family would hand to the cashier or it showed up in their system when they pulled the registry up. So I got points for every single dollar that was spent on my registry in ADDITION to the Endless Earnings. I can't tell you how much that extra $501 helped. Also while spending the gift card, anything that I bought I used my rewards card at check out which gave me $20 worth of rewards points! It was the gifts that just kept on giving! Now I see myself buying all diapers and extra formula from Babies R Us to get those extra reward points!
PS: There are ALWAYS Babies R Us coupons online, on their site, or in their flyer. Find them and save them onto your phone before your trip! They accept digital coupons!
PPS: You can also use your Rewards Vouchers or Endless Earnings Gift card at Toys R Us! I bought my oldest a few surprises for being such a great big brother!

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